How To

Tutorials on how to cook with fire and work metal.

Cooking with wood or charcoal is frequently viewed as being much more time consuming and complicated than cooking on a gas grill - it doesn't have to be. Using the right tools and methods makes cooking on fire just as easy as cooking with other methods (in fact I can pre-heat a charcoal grill in less time than it takes my oven to pre-heat).

The methods used in successful live fire cooking are incredibly simple, but require putting thought into the fuel you use, how you light the fire, and how you place the charcoal or wood.

This site is broken into two main sections - Recipes and How To. Recipes is self explanatory, and is divided into sections on proteins (meat and fish), vegetables, and starches (potatoes, rices, corn, etc).
How To has two main parts - how to cook on fire and how to build tools to cook with.

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Wow - lump charcoal works pretty well for #smithing ! #blacksmithing #metalworking #grill #cooking #fire #royaloakcharcoal

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