Live Fire Cook

Cooking on wood and charcoal.

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From over one million years ago until less than 200 years ago all cooking was done over wood or charcoal fires. It predates the evolution of modern humans, and is a primal part of our existence. The desire for the tastes and textures of live fire cooking is hard wired into us.

As a practical matter, cooking on wood provides temperatures far higher than gas cooking, as well as adding the flavor of smoke to your food. There is simply no substitute for it. This site will provide tips on how to best use fire as an ingredient in your meals, how to build your own grills and smokers, as well as recipes of all types. Vegetables, breads, and other foods can benefit from a good char and some smoke just as much as any meat or seafood.

This site is broken into two main sections - Recipes and How To. Recipes is self explanatory, and is divided into sections on proteins (meat and fish), vegetables, and starches (potatoes, rices, corn, etc).
How To has two main parts - how to cook on fire and how to build tools to cook with.

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Another great #chiditarod completed! We went with a Greek theme this year and grilled up #gyros , gyros sausage, #octopus , calamari, chicken souvlaki, pitas, lamb keftedes, and more! #livefirecook #livefirecooking #livefire #firecooking #homecooked #cooking #bbq #foodstagram #foodie #grilling #grilled #cookedbyme #grill #goodeats #foodphotos #foodpics #cookingoutside #outdoorcooking #chicago#lamb#keftedes#sausage#greekcuisine

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